Google Cloud Storage

More information on the fields required to set up Google Cloud Storage with pimentaCHAT using a service account.

You’ll need to set the following fields:

Config. Name Description
Google Storage Bucket Name The bucket name you’ve created on Google Storage.
Google Storage Access Id The access ID (or username) of the service account which has access to your Cloud Storage bucket, usually in the format like: example-test@example.iam.gserviceaccount.com
Google Storage Secret What is a essentially a .pem containing your private key and certificate.

More information

Google Storage Secret - the value pushed here takes an argument of a .pem file to connect to your Cloud Storage bucket. When you create a service account, you will have the ability to download a .json file containing a number of variables. You’ll need the unescaped private key, along with one of the certificates linked at the bottom of the .json.

Syntax will look just like a regular .pem file:

unescaped private key goes here
first certificate goes here

Entering this into pimentaCHAT will allow it to authenticate with Google and store items in the bucket.