Feature Change Documentation Draft Template

If you created a pull request and believe that it could change something already documented, use this template to create a draft for the documentation.

Firstly to check if the feature you are working on is already documented, you can take a look in the documentation map (https://docs.pimenta.chat/contributing/documentation/documentation-map/), that is a list with all the articles and their current status. Alternatively you can use the search bar on our documentation website (https://docs.pimenta.chat/).

To submit a draft, create a pull request (make sure you are doing from a branch in the repository) and tag it as ‘draft’, after that the documentation team will edit it to suit the documentation standard.

The draft serves to give information to the documentation team so they can create the appropriate documentation for that feature.

When a feature is changed, it’s very important to update the documentation, the lack of this custom can lead to outdated and invalid documentation quickly.

Note 1: the template is not absolute, and in some cases it might not make sense to follow the template by the letter. If a field can’t be answered you can leave it as “N/A”

Note 2: sometimes creating a pull request and doing the fix to the docs can be faster than creating a draft (especially in small changes), so don’t be afraid to create a pull request directly to change the docs.


**Changed in version:** <!-- The version that feature was changed -->

**Link to original documentation:**

**Link to pull request:**

**What was changed:** <!-- What have change in the feature? -->

**Has the way to use the feature changed?:** <!-- To use that feature, will the user have to do something different than before? -->