Installing on Windows 10 Pro 64bit with Docker for Windows

Note: This is a community supported installation method. You can discuss about this in the forum thread.

Please make sure:

  • you have at least 4 GB of memory on your Windows 10 Pro machine
  • you are running 64 bit edition of Windows 10 Pro
  • you have the latest updates installed, and no updates pending
  • you have enabled Hyper-V (requires a reboot, go to Control Panel -> Add Windows Components -> Hyper-V)
  • you have at least 20 GB of disk space, preferably SSD


  • Download and install Docker for Windows
  • Create a file named docker-compose.yml that contains:
  image: mongo:3.0
  command: mongod --smallfiles --oplogSize 128

  image: pimentachat/pimenta.chat:latest
    - PORT=3000
    - ROOT_URL=http://docker:3000
    - MONGO_URL=mongodb://db:27017/pimentachat
    - db:db
    - 3000:3000
  • In the same directory as the above file, enter command docker-compose up
  • Wait for the server to fully start, takes a couple of minutes
  • Access your pimentaCHAT server at http://docker:3000