Restoring an Admin User

You might accidently lost access to an important admin user (or the only admin in the server) and need to restore it without using another admin user. This guide will help you in this process.

Note: To do this, you will need access to the database

Finding the database

Docker based installations

Open Mongo shell within Mongo container

Change into docker-compose directory (where your docker-compose.yml is located):

cd /opt/docker/pimentaCHAT
docker-compose run mongo bash

or run

docker exec -it -u root mongo-image /bin/bash

Make sure to replace mongo with your MongoDB container name in case you use a different one.

Login to mongo shell using :


On the Mongo shell:

use pimentachat

Make sure to replace pimentachat with your actual Mongo database. If you’re not sure how it’s called either check your docker-compose.yml file or run:

show dbs

Ubuntu Snaps

Connect to MongoDB:

sudo pimentachat-server.mongo

Select pimentaCHAT Database:

use parties

Updating the admin password

You can either use a one time access token (that will require the user to change his password):

db.getCollection('users').update({username:"administrator"}, {$set: { "services":{"loginToken":{"token":"some-token-id-that-you-will-use-to-login-once"}}, "requirePasswordChange":true} })

Then access http://{your server url}/login-token/some-token-id-that-you-will-use-to-login-once to login

or you can update the admin password to 12345

db.getCollection('users').update({username:"administrator"}, { $set: {"services" : { "password" : {"bcrypt" : "$2a$10$n9CM8OgInDlwpvjLKLPML.eizXIzLlRtgCh3GRLafOdR9ldAUh/KG" } } } })

Replace administrator with the admin username in question.

Make sure to restart your application container in case the new password is not accepted yet.

Reset user role to “admin”

db.users.update({username:"administrator"}, {$set: {'roles' : [ "admin" ]}})

Again, make sure to replace administrator with the admin username in question.