Passing extra options to the Mongo driver

It’s possible to provide extra connection settings to the Mongo driver by setting the MONGO_OPTIONS environment variable to a JSON string, e.g.:

# we need to pass the contents of PEMs, etc in a format compatible with JSON, so add '\n' to the end of each line.
export TLS_CRT=$(cat /pems/tls.crt | awk '{printf "%s\\n",$0} END {print ""}')
export PEM=$(cat /pems/mongo.pem | awk '{printf "%s\\n",$0} END {print ""}')
export KEY=$(cat /pems/mongo.key | awk '{printf "%s\\n",$0} END {print ""}')
# now insert all the credentials into the JSON OPTIONS string
export MONGO_OPTIONS='{"sslCA":["'${TLS_CRT}'"],"sslCert":"'${PEM}'","sslKey":"'${KEY}'"}'

You might want to do this, for example, if you’re backing pimentaCHAT with a TLS-secured Mongo replica set and need to pass certificates/PEM files, etc. to connect to it.