Iframe Events

Events sent

Here is a list of events triggered from pimentaCHAT when the iframe integration is enabled:

Event name Description
notification Fired when a user receives a notification
unread-changed-by-subscription Fired each time a user’s subscription record changes (i.e.: unread counts, etc)
unread-changed Fired when the pages title changes
room-opened Fired when a room is opened
new-message Fired every time the opened room receives a new message
click-user-card-message Fired when the user clicks on a username link
click-mention-link Fired when the user clicks on a mention link
click-message-link Fired when the user clicks on a posted link
click-action-link Fired when the user clicks on an action link button (i.e.: “click to join” to video conferences)

Above there is a sample code that listens to events fired from pimentaCHAT opened on an iframe:

window.addEventListener('message', function(e) {
    console.log(e.data.eventName); // event name
    console.log(e.data.data); // event data