Community maintainers

We are looking for community maintainers for the pimentaCHAT documentation.

Maintainers will be added to a special team with write permissions.

These permissions consist of opening, closing, tagging and editing issues and pull requests, create and delete non protected branches on the docs repository

The responsibilities of a maintainer are:

Issue Triage

  • Labeling issues: Label issues accordingly.
  • Finding Duplicates: finding and closing duplicate issues.
  • Closing irrelevant/inappropriate issues: Closing issues that are no longer needed, that are not relevant to the project and/or doesn’t follow the issues guidelines.
  • Doing first level contact: Getting more information on the issues (like version number or asking for clarification) and closing them if they aren’t relevant or if a question made by the maintainer wasn’t answered in 2 days.

Help with Contribution

  • Help Manage Pull Requests: help the author of the pull request with any problems (like tests failing due markdown problems on the pull request).
  • Contributing! Create pull requests to help maintain the documentation.