User Set Preferences

URL Requires Auth HTTP Method
/api/v1/users.setPreferences yes POST


Argument Example Required Description
userId BsNr28znDkG8aeo7W Required The id of the user.
data.newRoomNotification test Required New room notification.
data.newMessageNotification test Required New message notification.
data.useEmojis true Required User can use emojis.
data.convertAsciiEmoji true Required Convert ascII emojis.
data.saveMobileBandwidth true Required Save mobile bandwidth.
data.collapseMediaByDefault true Required Collapse media by default.
data.autoImageLoad true Required Image load automatically.
data.emailNotificationMode test Required Email notification mode.
data.roomsListExhibitionMode test Required Rooms list exhibition mode.
data.unreadAlert true Required Unread Alert.
data.notificationsSoundVolume 100 Required Volume of notification sound.
data.desktopNotifications test Required Desktop notifications.
data.mobileNotifications test Required Mobile notifications.
data.enableAutoAway true Required Enable auto away.
data.highlights [] Required Highlights.
data.desktopNotificationDuration 100 Required Duration of desktop notification.
data.viewMode 0 Required View mode.
data.hideUsernames false Required Hide usernames.
data.hideRoles false Required Hide user roles.
data.hideAvatars false Required Hide avatars.
data.sendOnEnter test Required Send message on enter.
data.roomCounterSidebar true Required Display room counter on sidebar.
data.language pt-BR Required Language.
data.sidebarShowFavorites true Optional Show favorites on sidebar.
data.sidebarShowUnread true Optional Show unread on sidebar.
data.sidebarSortby test Optional Show sort by.
data.sidebarViewMode test Optional Show view mode.
data.sidebarHideAvatar true Optional Show avatar on hide bar.
data.groupByType true Optional Group channels by type.
data.muteFocusedConversations true Optional Mute focused conversations.

Example Call

curl -H "X-Auth-Token: 9HqLlyZOugoStsXCUfD_0YdwnNnunAJF8V47U3QHXSq" \
     -H "X-User-Id: aobEdbYhXfu5hkeqG" \
     -H "Content-type:application/json" \
     http://localhost:3000/api/v1/users.setPreferences \
     -d '{ "userId": "BsNr28znDkG8aeo7W", "data": { } }'

Example Result

    "success": true,
    "user": {
        "_id": "pimentachat.internal.admin.test",
        "settings": {
            "preferences": {
                "newRoomNotification": "door",
                "newMessageNotification": "chime",
                "muteFocusedConversations": true,
                "useEmojis": true,
                "convertAsciiEmoji": true,
                "saveMobileBandwidth": true,
                "collapseMediaByDefault": false,
                "autoImageLoad": true,
                "emailNotificationMode": "all",
                "roomsListExhibitionMode": "category",
                "unreadAlert": true,
                "notificationsSoundVolume": 100,
                "desktopNotifications": "default",
                "mobileNotifications": "default",
                "enableAutoAway": true,
                "highlights": [],
                "desktopNotificationDuration": 0,
                "viewMode": 0,
                "hideUsernames": false,
                "hideRoles": false,
                "hideAvatars": false,
                "hideFlexTab": false,
                "sendOnEnter": "normal",
                "roomCounterSidebar": false