Unpin Message

Unpinning a message allows administrators and owners of rooms to remove pinned items from being pinned after they are no longer valid.


Logged In Permission Setting
Yes none Message_AllowPinning - “Allow Message Pinning”

Example Call

The only parameter that needs to be passed in is the Message Object and as of release 0.46 you need to send the entire message object otherwise an internal error will happen (fixed via pull request #5087).

    "msg": "method",
    "method": "unpinMessage",
    "id": "20",
    "params": [ fullMessageObject ]

Example Response

The response of a message being pinned is a new chat message which contains the broadcast of the message pinning. See Message Object Details for information about the response format.

    "msg": "result",
    "id": "20",
    "result": {
        "t": "message_pinned",
        "rid": "QFtTnPJ4XbG634Skm",
        "ts": { "$date": 1480613343046 },
        "msg": "",
        "u": {
            "_id": "gHwBwDomPrCoQj7i2",
            "username": "bradley"
        "groupable": false,
        "attachments": [{
            "text": "test",
            "author_name": "bradley",
            "author_icon": "/avatar/bradley.jpg?_dc=0",
            "ts": { "$date": 1480613302330 }
        "_updatedAt": { "$date": 1480613343046 },
        "_id": "sBYLyaHFkMdr7LKGt"

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