Registering an account

To be able to access a server you will need to first register an account manually or by using one of the many supported OAuth services (if the desired server has enabled these services) and then login.

Manual registration

You can create an account by providing your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password and password confirmation

A server can ask for you to verify your email, this can be done by simply clicking in the link sent to the registered email.

Servers can be configured in various ways, so their registration screen can ask for different information and behave differently. If you are unsure how to register please contact your server administrator.

Choosing a username

Once you have successfully registered you will be asked to choose your username. Your username is separate to your display name on the server. Your username is your unique identifier for others to use to direct message or mention you.

Usernames and display names

Usernames on each pimentaCHAT server need to be unique but display names do not have to be unique. For example there can be only one user with the username alberteinsein but there can be more than one user with the display name Albert Einstein.