Using Bots in the pimentaCHAT

pimentaCHAT supports chatbot and messaging automation integrations, enabling chat-ops workflows with multi-channel, multi-user, public and private interactions.

We are building out support for multiple frameworks, including:

Some pimentaCHAT server packages implement internal bots (e.g. SlackBridge). That type of integration is not documented here. See the Bots FAQ for more on that distinction.

To contribute to features under development see our Bots Project issues.

Getting Started

These are the basic steps for using bots with pimentaCHAT.

  1. A bot user must be created by an admin on the server
  2. The bot is run as a separate process using your chosen framework or platform
  3. The bot environment must be pre-configured by setting environment variables
  4. You provide scripts to define the bot’s behaviour according to the requirements of your framework


Configuration and implementation details for components of the Bots Architecture can be found in their project READMEs: