Delete Message

There is only way one to delete a message inside of pimentaCHAT, but it only requires the message’s _id being passed in.


Logged In Permission Setting
Yes delete-message Message_AllowDeleting - “Allow Message Deleting”

Example Call

All that is needed to delete a message is passing the _id of the message.

    "msg": "method",
    "method": "deleteMessage",
    "id": "42",
    "params": [ { "_id": message_id } ]

Example Response

    "msg": "result",
    "id": "42",
    "result": []

Additional Information

As mentioned in requirements, you must be logged in to be able to delete a message. Two settings apply, Message_AllowDeleting and then Message_AllowDeleting_BlockDeleteInMinutes. The first setting is a boolean, true/false, and the second setting is an integer that can be 0 for always being allowed to delete or it can be greater than zero which the deleting with be disallowed/blocked after the time has passed.

Having the permission delete-message will allows deletion of any message, but still respects Message_AllowDeleting_BlockDeleteInMinutes setting.

Having the permission force-delete-message allows the deletion of any message, and it ignores the setting Message_AllowDeleting_BlockDeleteInMinutes.

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