Realtime API

IMPORTANT! These docs are based on an unreleased version of the API. If you want to try it out, point your client to wss://open.pimenta.chat/websocket.

Our real-time API is composed of two elements: Method Calls and Subscriptions. Both of them are supported directly in the websocket connection.

To make it possible to have everything working on the same connection we use RPC with the following format.

    "msg": "type-of-communication",
    "id": "unique-id",
    ... // per call defined data

The type of communication is defined according to the call:

  • Method Calls: method
  • Subscriptions: sub

    Please note, the server will send you “ping” and you must respond with “pong” otherwise the server will close the connection.

Before requesting any method / subscription you have to send a connect message:

    "msg": "connect",
    "version": "1",
    "support": ["1"]

You can find a basic example script that uses the ‘ddp’ NodeJS package to subscribe to the Realtime-API stream of a Group/Channel here https://github.com/jszaszvari/pimentachat-ddp-listener