Update Message

Updating a message is what should be called when a user “edits” a message, passing in the changed message with the updates.


Logged In Permission Setting
Yes edit-message Message_AllowEditing - “Allow Message Editing”

Example Call

The only parameter that needs to be passed in is the Message Object which contains the updated message properties, such as the text.

    "msg": "method",
    "method": "updateMessage",
    "id": "42",
    "params": [ messageObject ]

Example Response

    "msg": "result",
    "id": "42",
    "result": []

Additional Information

As mentioned in requirements, you must be logged in to be able to edit a message along with having the permission edit-message. Two settings apply, Message_AllowEditing and then Message_AllowEditing_BlockEditInMinutes. The first setting is a boolean, true/false, and the second setting is an integer that can be 0 for unlimited editing or anything greater and editing will be blocked after the time in minutes has passed.

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