This is a guide on how to add a new webinar to the pimentaCHAT website.

To add a webinar to the site, you first need to create a markdown file for it.

Start by creating a file following this name model YEAR-MONTH-DAY-YOUR-FILE-NAME for example:


This file should be saved under _posts on the corresponding folder for the year and month of the post.

After that you should set your file to look like this:

title: pimentaCHAT - iOS 3.2 release
description: On this webinar the mobile apps team talk about the new features and improvements of the version 3.2 of pimentaCHAT iOS App.
webinarID: 002
dateEvent: 2019-01-21 11:30:00
webinarURL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik0fl6Gufc8
bgSize: cover
bgColor: 030c1a
  - Gabriel Oliveira

language: USA
gmt: -3
cover: https://pimenta.chat/images/install/mobile.png
  - Webinars

Now we are going over relevant lines and see how to use them:

  • title: This defines the title of the page and will be displayed on top of it;
  • description:: This defines the description of the webinar, it is important to always add a good description on what the webinar is about. Does not have any restriction on size;
  • webinarID: This defines the ID of the webinar, you MUST add a unique ID to the webinar that follows the order of the last webinar, for example if the last webinar was 007, this one needs to be 008. If a webinar have the same ID of an already existing one, the tests on the Pull Request will fail;
  • dateEvent: The date that the webinar will occur, this will define if it is an upcoming or a past webinar. Uses YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND format;
  • webinarURL: If the webinar has already happened, add here the youtube embed URL. You can find this URL on the youtube video page “Share” section;
  • hosts: This defines the speakers for the webinar, simply add the full name of the team member (according to this members list) to the parameter. Webinars can have as many hosts as you want, but only the 3 first will show up on the thumbnail. If you need to add someone that is out of the team, you should use the off-team-host parameter:
off-team-host: HOST NAME
off-team-host-image: "URL-TO-HOST-IMAGE"
off-team-host-role: HOST ROLE
  • language: This defines the language of the webinar, currently we only support either Brazil for Portuguese or USA for English;
  • gmt: This defines the timezone that the webinar will be held on;
  • cover: This defines the cover image of the webinar, it is suggested to use the youtube video’s own thumbnail for webinars that has already happened. You can get this image by simply using the URL https://img.youtube.com/vi/YOUR-VIDEO-ID/maxresdefault.jpg
  • categories: This must have the category - Webinars or else it will not show up as a webinar and only as a normal post.