This repository hosts some templates for provision pimentaCHAT in OpenShift.


Installation on Container Development Kit(CDK)

  • Download and install CDK

  • Download and install the OpenShift Client tool

  • Run OpenShift vagrant machine

  • Pull the pimentaCHAT Docker image from Docker Hub and tag/push to the internal OpenShift registry:

docker pull pimentachat/pimenta.chat
docker tag pimentachat/pimenta.chat hub.openshift.rhel-cdk.
docker push hub.openshift.rhel-cdk.
  • Login in OpenShift and create a new project in OpenShift
oc login -u openshift-devel
oc new-project pimenta-chat
  • Clone this repo and add the templates and ImageStream to openshift namespace:
git clone https://github.com/rimolive/pimentachat-openshift
oc create -n openshift -f pimenta-chat-is.json
oc create -n openshift -f pimenta-chat-ephemeral.json
  • Create the pimentaCHAT App:
oc new-app pimenta-chat -p MONGODB_DATABASE=pimentachat,MONGODB_USER=pimentachat-admin,MONGODB_PASS=pimentachat
  • pimentaCHAT uses a domain check code to verify the validity of the e-mail address. To disable it, run the following commands:
oc port-forward <mongodb_pod> 27017
mongo localhost:27017

Inside the mongo client:

use pimentachat