Create Private Groups

Creates a private group.


Logged In Permission Setting
Yes create-p none


  1. String - name of the channel
  2. Array of strings - usernames of the people to add to the private group when it is created. This can be empty and only the caller of the method will be a member of the group.

Example Call

    "msg": "method",
    "method": "createPrivateGroup",
    "id": "89",
    "params": [
        ["array-of-usernames", "who-are-in-the-channel"]

Example Response

The response will be an object with one property rid which is the id of the newly created private group.

    "msg": "result",
    "id": "89",
    "result": [
        { "rid": "BBkfgYT2azf7RPTTg" }

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