Remove Integration

Removes an integration from the server. Requires manage-integrations or manage-own-integrations permissions.

URL Requires Auth HTTP Method
/api/v1/integrations.remove yes POST


Argument Example Required Description
type webhook-outgoing Required The type of integration to remove, webhook-outgoing and webhook-incoming are supported.
integrationId oNLthAt9RwMw39N2B Required The id of the integration to remove.

Example Call

curl -H "X-Auth-Token: 9HqLlyZOugoStsXCUfD_0YdwnNnunAJF8V47U3QHXSq" \
     -H "X-User-Id: aobEdbYhXfu5hkeqG" \
     -H "Content-type: application/json" \
     http://localhost:3000/api/v1/integrations.remove \
     -d '{ "type": "webhook-outgoing", "integrationId": "oNLthAt9RwMw39N2B" }'

Example Result

    "integration": {
        "_id": "oNLthAt9RwMw39N2B",
        "type": "webhook-outgoing",
        "name": "Testing via REST API",
        "enabled": false,
        "username": "pimenta.bot",
        "urls": [
        "scriptEnabled": false,
        "userId": "pimenta.bot",
        "channel": [],
        "_createdAt": "2017-01-06T13:42:14.143Z",
        "_createdBy": {
            "username": "graywolf336",
            "_id": "R4jgcQaQhvvK6K3iY"
        "_updatedAt": "2017-01-06T13:42:14.144Z"
    "success": true

Change Log

Version Description
0.49.0 Added