User Methods

Url Short Description Details Page
/api/v1/users.create Create a new user. Link
/api/v1/users.createToken Create a user authentication token. Link
/api/v1/users.delete Deletes an existing user. Link
/api/v1/users.deleteOwnAccount Deletes your own user. Link
/api/v1/users.forgotPassword Send email to reset your password. Link
/api/v1/users.generatePersonalAccessToken Generate Personal Access Token. Link
/api/v1/users.getAvatar Gets the URL for a user’s avatar. Link
/api/v1/users.getPersonalAccessTokens Gets the user’s personal access tokens. Link
/api/v1/users.getPreferences Gets the user’s preferences. Link
/api/v1/users.getPresence Gets the online presence of a user. Link
/api/v1/users.getUsernameSuggestion Gets a suggestion a new username to user. Link
/api/v1/users.info Gets a user’s information, limited to the caller’s permissions. Link
/api/v1/users.list All of the users and their information, limited to permissions. Link
/api/v1/users.regeneratePersonalAccessToken Regenerate a user personal access token. Link
/api/v1/users.register Register a new user. Link
/api/v1/users.removePersonalAccessToken Remove a personal access token. Link
/api/v1/users.resetAvatar Reset a user’s avatar Link
/api/v1/users.setAvatar Set a user’s avatar Link
/api/v1/users.setPreferences Set a user’s preferences Link
/api/v1/users.update Update an existing user. Link
/api/v1/users.updateOwnBasicInfo Update basic information of own user. Link